Table of Contents                         

  3.1  Eligibility/Qualification

  3.2  Membership Fees

  3.3  Patrons

  3.4 Cessation of membership

  3.5 Re-admission

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Membership of the Chapter shall be open to individuals and organisations in Nigeria who shall all be members of Internet Society.



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Persons so qualified to be members of the Chapter shall be required to complete such formal registration procedure as may be stipulated by the Executive Council from time to time. Every registered member shall be issued with a membership card bearing his registration number and be entitled to the adoption and use of initials convenient to him for the purpose of identifying himself in the course of business transactions:

The member shall:

(a) make himself available and responsive to all activities and programmes of the Chapter at all levels-be it International or National.

(b) discharge all obligations - financial, moral, etc - to the Chapter as and when due.


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Individual Membership

                                               1.   Membership Form                                    N100.00

             2.  Annual Subscription for Nigeria Chapter     N 500.00

3.  Membership fee  Nigeria Chapter (to be done

                             only the first year of subscription          N1,250.00

                       4.  ISOC (International) Membership      $ 5.00 ( or  N500.00)

All payments should be in favour of  Internet Society Nigeria Chapter by bank draft, cheque, or credit card to the Financial Secretary and obtain official receipt.(Please include two (2) passport size photographs ).

Corporate Membership                                                    Arro42e1.gif (1289 bytes)Membership Form                                         


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3.2.1 There shall be Patrons who shall be respected and knowledgeable members of the locality.

(a) Patrons shall hold office for a duration to be determined by the Chapter.

(b) The functions of the Patrons shall be purely advisory.

(c) The number of Patrons to be so appointed shall be determined by the Executive Council prior to the appointments at the Chapter’s Annual General Meeting.

3.2.2 The Patrons appointed shall not have voting rights save that they shall be entitled to attend the General Meetings of the Chapter, the Executive Council Meetings, and other functions of the Chapter on the invitation of the Executive Council.


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A member of the Chapter shall continue his membership as long as he continues to fulfil his obligations to the Chapter, and observe the regulations and rules of the Chapter, but shall automatically cease to be a member:

(a) if he gives to the Secretary - General written notice of resignation of his membership;

(b) if he fails to pay any subscription for more than 3 months after the due date of payment; and

(c) if the member having committed some act or been guilty of behaviour inconsistent with membership, the Executive Council, on the recommendation of the Disciplinary Committee, resolves by a majority of three quarters of its members to remove him from membership.


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An annual general meeting on the recommendation of the Executive Council may re-admit to membership only former member (if any) whose membership had been terminated for reasons other than for arrears of dues /levies, provided he satisfies the Chapter by simple majority of votes of members present at such general meeting; and subject to any other condition the Executive Council may decide. The Chapter may however refuse re-admission in any particular case without giving any reason.


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